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The ultimate solution to work with keeping of orders and customers, finance, stores and warehouses.

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About service

Accounting of devices

The "Service Center" is designed for keep counting of devices, taken for the repair by service center. Profile of Service Center can be different: from repair and diagnostics of high-precision electrical devices to repair household appliances. Repair can be warranty, non-warranty, on-site or pre-sale.

User Groups

Users of the program are divided on the groups: Super Administrators, Administrators, Managers, Engineers, Customers. Each group is responsible for a certain stage in the organization of the service center's processes. This is technically reasonable solution.

Aggregator of Service Centers

Program Service Center Online support using data from several service centers at the same time, providing the output of the required information into a single summary table. Head of Service Center may obtain information on the statistics of the company and its subsidiaries in details with possibility of filtering, sorting, etc.

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Features and benefits


Program Service Center Online is available to all employees of the company. At the same time employees make changes in a single enterprise database, quickly receive relevant information about repairs. All of it is increasing the productivity.

The program has the possibility of creating backups of your databases, as well as it can recover them. Backups can be done automatically or manually.

Unique Engine

Program Service Center Online has fully unique engine made with PHP. All the program is composed from modules that allows you quickly connect new one or disable unnecessary features for any reason. Engine works in tandem with the database MySQL, which guarantees high speed


Program Service Center Online is an enterprise solution. For the most efficiency you must be connected to the server, configurate and support the program. You can order this service on the site.

Stats Time Engineers
The calculation of the service center revenue
Statistics state of repair
Output statistics of repairs on the company's website
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Cost of the program Service Center

We suggest you buy the program as a ready to use product. There are several specifications:


20 $

Package includes:

  • Working program
  • Ability to refine/extend
  • Make changes to the code yourself
  • Individual preferences
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Source Code

500 $

Package includes:

  • Working program
  • Ability to refine/extend
  • Make changes to the code yourself
  • Individual preferences
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1 hr = 20 $

Package includes:

  • Working program
  • Ability to refine/extend
  • Make changes to the code yourself
  • Individual preferences
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Basic version

This is the basic version of the program installed on our server.

You pay $20 monthly and get a third-level subdomain with installed working code, a separate database, access to the admin panel, but you cannot make changes to program files or add something to existing scripts. Any subsequent improvements to the program when using this option are possible, but only by our specialists. You also cannot download anything from our server and use it as you wish.

However, such a program will work fully on the server without any restrictions. You do not have to think about buying and then renewing a domain, setting up a server and a database.


The version with source code

This is the basic version with full source code.

You pay $ 500 and get source code of the program by e-mail. You can make changes to the program files, add your code to the existing scripts. It is possible to refine or extend the program functionality to suit your specific requirements.


Individual version

This specification is suitable to customers who bought the version of the source code.

You can order the amendments, changes or additions to the purchased version of the source code. It can be as a small new module or feature, as a completely redesigned version of the program, highly tailored to your specific requirements

The cost of work depends on time that will be spent on development: 1 working hour = 20$.

We will wait from you the terms of specification with a description of how it should work and how to look like. Next, we estimate the amount of work, the cost of development and implementing, and after agreement with you we will take a decision about expediency of realization and support of the project.


What our customers say

Сервисный Центр Онлайн — одна из лучших находок для меня за уже продолжительное время. Никогда бы и не подумал, насколько сильно веб сервис может упростить работу нашей мастерской. Бумажной волокиты стало меньше, эффективности — больше. Очень рад приобретению!

Владислав Гулин
Тех - сервис

Раньше учёт аппаратов и квитанций вели на бумаге, в тетрадях, но сервисный центр рос, и мы поняли, что так дело не пойдёт, нужно заводить базу данных. С покупкой СЦ Онлайн мастерская как будто ожила. Теперь потери аппаратов, несвоевременные закупки запчастей и прочие неурядицы в прошлом.

Сергей Паненко
КБТ - Восточный

Купил Сервисный Центр Онлайн давно и очень доволен. Программа очень надёжна, достаточно проста чтобы не путаться, и в то же время выполняет все функции, которые от неё может требовать мастерская. Спасибо, что не прекращаете развивать продукт, выпускать обновления и поддерживать клиентов!

Дмитрий Чабаленов
Gold Сервис

Перед приобретением рассмотрели несколько разных вариантов, но этот очень понравился возможностью полного приобретения лицензионной копии программы. Платить большие деньги помесячно не хотелось, купить один раз и навсегда показалось более выгодным решением. Так и поступили. Программа оправдала все ожидания, большое спасибо!

Андрей Макиненко
Компьютерная помощь

Пробовал разные продукты до вашего, и в каждом чего-то нехватало. Если бы не Сервисный Центр Онлайн, так бы и метался туда-сюда в поисках компромисса. А тут всё замечательно: заказал Индивидуальную версию, описал требования, и получил универсальный инструмент.

Александр Мужанич
Планета Ремонта


From May 28, 2023, we stop implementing the coded version of the "Service Center" program script in favor of the option with monthly subscription to use this service on our server.    ...

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The output of the new version 3.1.1 Service Center

Version 3.1.1

Dear customers! July 29, 2016 released a new version 3.1.1, which fixes some bugs. For customers whose program is available on our server update will take place automatically. Everyone else ...

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