From May 28, 2023, we stop implementing the coded version of the "Service Center" program script in favor of the option with monthly subscription to use this service on our server.    The advantages of this option include: low cost ...

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The output of the new version 3.1.1 Service Center

Version 3.1.1

Dear customers! July 29, 2016 released a new version 3.1.1, which fixes some bugs. For customers whose program is available on our server update will take place automatically.
Everyone else will need to download and update the program file ...

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Technical work on the server

Technical works on a server 18.07.2016

Warning! Due to the fact that the server 18.07.2016 planned engineering works, draw the attention of our customers that are possible disruptions in the website and its services. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Launch of the website "Online Service Center"

Launch site

Friends! Today, June 1, 2016, for us is a remarkable day. Today we are launching a website Service Center Online , dedicated to the eponymous program and its specifications. Congratulations to all customers with this important event! On this s ...

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